Touch Asia

As for the companies belonging to Touch Asia Group, while being all across various countries and regions, with their abundant resources many issues in Asia can be solved.


Creating opportunities to feel the charm of Asia

Asia is full of wonderful attractions, and is also home to the largest growing market in the 21st Century. We have created a company with a business that provides opportunities for many people to feel the charm of Asia, and this will contribute to the happiness of Asian people.

VCC has extensisve experience in lab development
We invest in business operations that can spread the charm of Asia throughout the world. Although there is no specific investment area, the investment per project ranges from USD1,000 to USD300,000. Beyond ROI, investment decisions are made based on how far the charm of Asia can be spread throughout the world.
VCC has extensisve experience in lab development
As for the group companies that we are investing in, there is a software development company, application development company, a food and beverage service, a real estate investment company, translation company, and accounting company. It is possible for the incubation of business by taking advantage of the network of Asian countries.